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Friday, January 27, 2006

Well, That Was a New Experience

My hair froze today while I was walking to work.

I'm still giggling about this.

I know, I know, it's too cold to be going outside with wet hair. But when the alarm buzzes, I go through the same argument with myself pretty much every day:

Sensible BNA: Ok, get up. You need the extra fifteen minutes to dry your hair.
Lazy BNA: Nope! Can't do it. I'm pinned by Widget here.
Sensible:'re pinned by the eight-pound cat?
Lazy: He's very dense, okay?
Sensible: Dense or not, he just hopped off the bed, indicating that he is well aware that it is time for you to get up, feed him, and get going.
Lazy: But it's raaaaaining!
Sensible: The cats don't eat when it rains?
Lazy: Fifteen minutes won't kill them. But my point is, why dry my hair when it's raining? Is this not the ultimate exercise in futility? Remember how I walk to work?
Sensible: ....
Lazy: See you in fifteen.

So I'd say I dry my hair maybe two days out of five. This was never a problem in San Francisco (and in addition to the "it's raining" argument, I had the "it's foggy" rejoinder), but everyone's been telling me lately that I'm risking serious head cold trouble if I go on with the air dry method here.

And today, the damn hair actually froze. Into ten or twelve clumps, which rattled against my jacket collar as I walked. I cannot imagine what I must've looked like (it had melted by the time I made it upstairs to the mirror).

This may be a sign that it's time to just get out of bed already.


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